The Fourth Degree stands as a pivotal milestone within the esteemed Knights of St. John International, accessible exclusively to Uniformed Members. To qualify for this esteemed Degree, a member must hold the distinction of either a Full Dress Uniformed Member or an Approved Marching Uniform Member.

Participation in the Fourth Degree ceremony mandates the presence of a Knight who has already attained this honor and is attired in uniform. This Degree underscores the significance of uniformity within the Knights of St. John, fostering a sense of elevated commitment to Catholic principles both within the Church and the Order.

Central to this Degree is a comprehensive education on the proper utilization and presentation of military attire and accessories, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail. In order to partake in the Investiture of the Fourth Degree, applicants must fulfill specific criteria. This includes being a uniformed member in good standing within a local Commandery for a minimum of three years, having completed initiation into the first, second, and third degrees of the Order. Furthermore, the applicant's uniform must meet the established standards of the Order, being well-maintained and passing inspection.

Beyond the tangible aspects, candidates must also uphold an irreproachable moral character within their community, demonstrating unwavering loyalty to the Order. Formal application for the Degree necessitates endorsement by the Commander and Financial Secretary of the applicant's local Commandery, ensuring procedural integrity and alignment with organizational standards.