The Grand Secretariat serves as the central hub of the Grand Commandery, requiring an individual of unwavering dedication, skill, and commitment to the principles of our Noble Order. It stands as the constant heartbeat of our organization, tirelessly working around the clock to ensure seamless operations and the harmonious functioning of all its components.

At the helm of the Grand Secretariat is the Grand Secretary, who assumes a role akin to that of a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) within a corporate structure. Reporting directly to the Grand President and the Grand Board of Officers, the Grand Secretary shoulders the critical responsibility of overseeing all administrative and operational functions essential for the Grand Commandery's efficiency and effectiveness.

Among their myriad duties, the Grand Secretary meticulously records the proceedings of all sessions and activities, authorizes orders, and oversees communication channels as the Officer in Chief responsible for Communications. He maintains comprehensive records of all departments and units within the Grand Commandery's jurisdiction, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability throughout.

Within the organizational framework, the Grand Secretariat encompasses a distinguished cohort comprising Recording and Corresponding Secretaries from diverse Local Commanderies, as well as Adjutants from various Districts, whether they be Regiments or Battalions. These individuals occupy pivotal roles akin to that of Secretariat and Administration, contributing significantly to the efficient functioning and coordination of our esteemed institution.

Currently, Colonel Conrad Aadem Nyuur serves as the esteemed Grand Secretary of the Accra West Grand Commandery, bringing over two decades of corporate and management expertise to the position. A fervent advocate for digital innovation and possessing a robust business acumen, Colonel Nyuur boasts a stellar track record of delivering tangible results.

Colonel Conrad A. Nyuur proudly follows in the footsteps of his predecessors, namely Colonel Eben-Kay Hodo (2019 – 2021), Colonel James K. Amissah (2017-2019), and Colonel Robert Kingsley-Arthur (2013-2017), continuing the legacy of excellence and service within the Grand Commandery.


(2019 – 2021)