The Second and Third Degrees represent the next echelon of achievement within the esteemed Knights of St. John International. At the core of these Degrees lie the noble principles of Unity and Charity, each one serving as a focal point for the candidate's personal and communal development

During the ceremony, the candidate steps into the public realm as a visible embodiment of knighthood, where his demeanor, conduct, and overall comportment are subjected to public scrutiny. Emphasizing the significance of citizenship and patriotism, the candidate is urged to internalize the lectures and lessons delivered, recognizing them as essential attributes of a conscientious citizen.

Upon demonstrating a year of active participation and invaluable contributions to the Order, a member becomes eligible for the attainment of both the Second and Third Degrees. These pivotal moments are ceremoniously integrated into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, an event of profound spiritual significance, with all chaplains partaking in the celebration. Family, friends, fellow knights, and parish members are warmly encouraged to join in this sacred Eucharistic observance, enriching the experience for all involved.