The Jewel of Honor stands as a distinguished symbol of recognition, honoring members for their exceptional service, unwavering devotion, and steadfast dedication to the Order. This prestigious honor is available in two distinct versions, tailored to acknowledge the contributions of both Military and Non-Military members alike.

The Jewel of Honor-Military represents a prestigious accolade bestowed upon Knights of exceptional dedication and service within the uniformed ranks of the Order. To qualify for this distinguished honor, a Knight must have served in the uniformed rank for a minimum of fifteen years and demonstrated unwavering commitment as a member of a drill team for at least ten years. Alternatively, eligibility may be attained by a Knight who has served within the uniformed rank for twelve years and fulfilled the significant responsibility of serving two terms as a Field or Staff Officer at the Supreme, Grand, or District Commandery level, or three terms as an elected military officer within a Local Commandery.

Furthermore, the Jewel of Honor-Military may be awarded to a Knight who has faithfully served his Commandery for twenty-five years and held a Commandery office for fifteen years, exemplifying steadfast dedication and leadership within the organization. Beyond these criteria, recipients of this esteemed honor are distinguished by their selfless dedication to serving Holy Mother Church, their parish, or their local community, embodying the noble ideals of charity and service upheld by the Knights of St. John International.

The Jewel of Honor-Non Military signifies a distinguished recognition reserved for Non-Uniformed Members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and service to the Knights of St. John International. To qualify for this esteemed honor, a Non-Uniformed Member must have maintained continuous good standing with the organization for a period of twenty-five consecutive years. Additionally, they must have completed the initiation rites into the First, Second, Third, and Noble Degrees, reflecting a comprehensive engagement with the principles and values of the Order. Active participation in Commandery activities is paramount for eligibility, including engagement in Commandery Church functions and involvement in Commandery Committees, either as a dedicated worker or as a chairperson. Moreover, candidates must have demonstrated a commitment to community service by actively contributing to charitable programs organized by both the Commandery and the broader community.

By meeting these stringent criteria and exemplifying unwavering dedication to the mission and values of the Knights of St. John International, recipients of the Jewel of Honor-Non Military epitomize the spirit of service and commitment cherished by the organization. In the event that an individual meets the outlined qualifications, the Local Commandery President reserves the right to invite the candidate to complete an application and provide a detailed resume detailing their involvement and contributions within both the Commandery and the wider community. Upon submission, the application will undergo thorough review by the Board of Trustees of the Commandery. Should the application meet the necessary criteria, it will be duly signed by both the Commandery President and the Commandery Secretary, validating its completeness and accuracy.

For the procurement of either the Jewel of Honor-Military or the Jewel of Honor-Non Military, a formal request must be submitted to the Supreme Secretary. This request should include a comprehensive overview of the candidate's qualifications and merits for the respective Jewel, ensuring a transparent and accountable process. Once endorsed by the Commandery Officers, the completed application must be forwarded to the office of the Supreme Secretary for thorough review. If deemed satisfactory, the Local Commandery is then authorized to procure the Jewel of Honor from the Supreme Secretary, facilitating its presentation to the deserving member with due ceremony and recognition.