The First Degree is the initial and foremost degree for any member of the Knights of ST. John International and its achieved upon admittance and initiation as a member into the Noble order. The admission process for prospective members entails a thorough review by the esteemed Screening Committee of the local Commandery, followed by a collective decision-making process within the Commandery. This process involves a vote to either endorse or reject the candidacy of the applicant. Upon successful approval, the candidate is cordially invited to participate in the upcoming General Membership Meeting, marking the commencement of their journey as a member.

During this significant occasion, the candidate is formally introduced to the President and fellow members within the meeting chamber. The ceremonial aspects of initiation, including the conferral of the 1st Degree of membership, are conducted with utmost confidentiality and reverence. Within this ceremonial framework, the candidate gains insight into the rich heritage of the Knights of St. John, solemnly undertakes the oath of allegiance, and is entrusted with the sacred passphrase of our Order.